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Have You Met This Boston-Based Foodie?

Aug 24, 2017 9:29:27 AM / by Allie Rocovich


have you met this Boston-based foodie


Ever since starting at MIT, Tara has been crazy about the food scene here in Boston. Tara’s food blog, “Spilling the Beans” started with a simple appreciation for all the cool spots that she was eating at in Boston, and a desire to document and remember them. She started out by borrowing a DSLR from MIT’s photography club so that she could photograph her meals, and has since purchased her own Nikon D7000, which she carries to all of the restaurant that she tries, both in Boston and abroad. Since she combined her love of photography and good food, she has been a go-to source for all your Boston foodie desires. She even has posts from restaurants in Taiwan, San Francisco, Japan, Los Angeles, DC, Pittsburgh, and many other places.

Tara’s blog consists of a combination of the most saliva-inducing food porn you’ve ever seen (seriously check it out!), partnered with tasteful (ha) commentary on the menu offerings, environment, and usually an anecdote about her friends shining their iPhone flashlights on each of their dishes so that she can snap a post-worthy shot before they take a bite.

Whether you’re a beantown veteran or just visiting for the weekend, Spilling the Beans has a lot of great insight into the best spots for whatever you’re craving. She has even organized her list by location, price range, and type of food, so it’s easy to navigate, and she’s used + signs to star a couple of her favorites. You will no longer find yourself hungry and tired of your usual spots, unsure of where to go next. If you haven’t navigated to Tara's website already, check her out here! Your tastebuds deserve it.


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